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Burnished and Rosy

Symi basked in exceptionally fine and sunny weather over the Easter long weekend this year and everyone who took a gamble on the weather to come to Symi for the Easter break was happy that they did so. The clouds are rallying and we may well be in for some stormy weather across Greece in the days to come but by that time the Easter visitors will be heading home, burnished and rosy. Mike Gadd and Wendy Wilcox are sorting through the hundreds of Easter photos taken over the festivities so you can expect to see some on Out and About soon.

After the early Easter flurry Symi will go quiet again for a few weeks until the tourist season officially starts in May. The excursion boats and water taxis are still in the boatyard in Harani or on the beach in Pedi. The Nireus Hotel opened its doors and put up its nice new umbrellas for the Easter holiday but there is still a lot of painting and decorating going on in that part of the harbour and many businesses that opened for Easter will be continuing with their annual maintenance and refurbishments in the lull before the season proper begins.

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  1. # Anonymous Jackie and Joel Smith

    Adriana, Just wanted to say how much we are enjoying your blog! We didn't make it to Symi during last fall's Greek explorations, but we are heading back this spring and look forward to visiting your Symi. And do look forward to meeting you~  

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