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Αν ψάχνετε της ρίζες σας απ’τη Σύμη, αυτή η σελίδα ειναι για σας!

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Symi Family TRee

If anyone has any information which could help the following people, please email us:

My name is Jean-Michel. My father and grandparents are from Symi.

My father was Michalis Kavazas (KABAZAS) He went to Marseille (France) in 1935 with his parents. His brothers and sisters already settled there.

My grandfather's name was Vassilis Kavazas (he was born in Symi in 1874). His father was Iannis and his mother's name was Irini Tsavaris.

My grandmother's maiden name was Maria Katsara from Symi (born in 1878). Her father was Emmanouil Katsaras and her mother's name was Kleopatra Zatalio (also encountered as Zataglio this spelling seems to me an italian translation? Please would a symiot give me a probable spelling for this name?).

My grandfather was a fisher of sponges and his wife was grocer in Symi.

A sister of Vassilis also went in France, I know this part of the family. His brother Nicolas Kavazas was the only one (as we know) who stayed in Greece. He got married with Despina Kassileftera in Kalavarda (Rhodes). Seven daughters and a son were born. Stergios the son stayed unmarried. I don't know the spouse's name of the sisters Kavaza. I don't know the part of this family that stayed in Dodecanese.

I don't know nothing about Katsaras family.

Any information about my relatives or possible family trees would be greatly appreciated.

But I also would learn about the name Kavazas. If we type the names Katsaras or Tsavaris on a greek phone directory, we can find hundreds of persons in the entries. But typing Kavazas nobody is found. What does a greek people say about the origin of this name?

Thank You!

My Grandfather,Iconomu Manoli(known as Emmanuel Papeconomos)was from Symi and came to Australia. He was naturalised in 1930. He listed his father as Basil Economos and mother Helen Fundouradaki on a wedding certificate. Both my grandfather and great grandfather list their occupations as fisherman. Any information about my family's heritage would be greatly appreciated,

Matthew Economos

My name is Michelle and my mother (Pepena) and grandparents are from Symi.  My
grandfather's name was Sarantis Antoniadis and his mother's name was Plouheria Kontes. My grandmother Fotini's maiden name was Mangou from Kalymnos and Pepena from Symi. My grandparents emigrated to the USA in the mid 40's, early 50's.  I would love to hear from anyone about my relatives or possible family trees.
Thank You!

 My maiden name is Lindiakos.  As far as I know and have been told, my father, Constantinos E. Lindiakos was from Simi.  His father's name was Elias and his mother's name was Elisabeth.  My father was born in 1900 and had several brothers and a sister as well.  His family was in some kind of shipping business.  One of his brothers was an Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor, which I met in Athens many years ago.  I met his daughter as well, but can't remember her name.  I cannot locate anyone with the name Lindiakos in Geece.  Perhaps you can help.  thank you....Maria A. Panesis

My name is Ourania Bayer (nee Hatzantonis). Both my parents are Symiots who migrated to the US many years ago. I know my mother married in 1932 (St. John's) and left for the US in 1933 with my Father.

Father's Name: John Emanuel Hatzantonis. Date of Birth: January 10, 1904 or June 4, 1903?? My Father's parents were Manolis and Sevasti Hatzantonis (or additional spellings -Hatziantonis, Hadgiantonis, etc.,). My Father had 4 brothers and 2 sisters - Stamatis, and Dimitri (who settled in Australia), Georgos (who settled in Peraeus), Michael (who settled in Rhodes), Irini Hatzinikitas (who remained in Symi - had 2 daughters Maria and Dikea who also remain there), and Maria Kassimatis (who settled in the US). My paternal grandmother's maiden name is Katsara.

Mother's Name: Vasiliki Hatzantonis (nee Giannaras). Date of Birth March 5, 1912 or 1911. My Mother's parents were Michael and Ourania Giannaras. Ayios Emilyanos used to belong to their family many many years ago. My Mother had 3 brothers, Nikitas, Gregori, and Stavros. All 3 migrated to the US. My maternal grandmother's maiden name is Kisembli or Kisempli. She eventually settled in the US.

I would like to receive any information that you could furnish. Accurate date of births for my parents. When my father migrated to the US. Dates of birth for my grandparents. Dates of death as well. Dates of births for my father's siblings, etc., Any information on my great- grandparents and as far back as possible.

I hope to hear from you soon and wish to thank you in advance.

Ourania Bayer

Symi Ancestry

Αν ψάχνετε της ρίζες σας απ’τη Σύμη, αυτή η σελίδα ειναι για σας!

Εδώ και χρόνια, μας έχουν πλησιάσει Διάσποροι Συμιακοί, ψάχνοντας την οικογένεια τους. Έχουμε βοηθήσει στην έρευνα μέχρι στιγμής, μέσον την εφημερίδα The Symi Visitor και τη γνώση μας για το νησί.

Τώρα θα το διευκολύνουμε πιό πολή ακόμα, να μοιράσετε τις οικογενειακές αναγραφές, και να βρείτε τα στοιχεία που χρειάζεσται μέσον την ιστοσελίδα μας.

Άν ενδιαφέρεσται, στήλτε email στο με ότι οικογενιακά στοιχεία και φωτογραφίες που έχετε, και θα πάρουν μέρος στην ιστοσελίδα μας. Μπορείτε επίσεις, να δώσετε τα δικά σας στοιχεία, η αλλιώς το email του Symi Visitor, όπου θα σας στέλνουμε εμείς οτιδήποτε απαντήσεις έχετε απ’την ανακοίνωση σας.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες, στήλετε email στο

Μήπως γνωρίζετε τους ανθρώπους στης φωτογραφίες;

Looking for family members or trying to trace your Symiot roots?

This webpage is especially for you. Over the years the Symi Visitor has been approached by numerous Diaspora Symiots in search of their roots and has been able to help many people in their quest, through the Symi Visitor newspaper and our extensive local knowledge.  We have now decided to make it even easier for people to share family records and increase their chances of finding the information they are looking for through our website.


Please email us with your last known family details and scans of any old photographs you may have and we will put them up here.  You can give either your own contact details or, in which case we would forward any information received to you.

For further information or to submit material, please email

Who knows?  You might just find those long lost cousins and put names to the faces in the family album.

 Does anybody recognise any of the people in the two photographs?

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