The current timetable for the two ferry companies serving Symi at the moment are available below. These are 'Dodecanese Seaways' (often referred to as the 'Spanos' after their owner) and 'Blue Star Ferries'.  Please use the search facilities below to find the information you require.  There is also a live marine traffic map at the bottom of this page, which allows you to track these ferries in real time.

Read our travel blog for full details of these services.

It is advisable to book ahead at busy times of the year: Easter and high season especially.  You can book on their respective websites. It is worth applying for a 'Bonusways' card if you are thinking of travelling by Dodecanese Seaways-follow the link on their website.

Live ferry map-mouse over individual ships for more information



Last updated on April 18th. 2013